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Seminar on Transport Aviation Operational Safety 2019 Held

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The 2019 CAAC-ACP Seminar on the Transport Aviation Operational Safety was recently held in Xiamen. The seminar, focusing on the discussion of continuous operational safety, was jointly organized by CAAC, ACP, the United States Trade and Development Agency and Boeing, aiming to jointly explore ways to effectively enhance the transport aviation operational safety.

The China-US Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP) is a cooperative mechanism established by the aviation sectors in China and the U.S., which can set a good example for the international civil aviation community. Since its inception in 2004, ACP has played an important role in promoting civil aviation cooperation between the two countries and has become an important platform for bilateral exchanges in the field of civil aviation. Since 2015, CAAC and the ACP team have held an annual seminar on transport aviation operational safety to jointly explore ways of cooperation in the field of transport aviation operational safety, serving to move forward a number of bilateral cooperation programs in aviation safety.